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Charla de Bioing. Carolina Ayala, IMTEK, Alemania

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 26 abr 2011, 13:54 por Fabio Ariel Guarnieri   [ actualizado el 26 abr 2011, 14:05 ]

DIA/HORA/LUGAR  Miércoles 26/4/2011,  13hs, aula de posgrado, FIUNER

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Chemical Modification of Surfaces for Biochemical and Medical Sensor Applications

V. C. AyalaK. MoosmannO. PruckerJ. Rühe and L. M. Reindl,   IMTEK


Portable microacoustic sensors capable of detection on the molecular level have recently become of increasing interest. Thin-film acoustic sensors based on GaN substrates are of particular merit because of their high chemical stability, high acoustic wave velocity and their ability to detect molecules in liquids. In this paper the use of sensitive layers for selective particle detection, as well as an investigation into the binding affinity of GaN, are presented. A sensitive layer for detection of diols, such as sugars or neurotransmitters, has been realized by attaching a polymer layer to the surface. A final cytotoxicity test has also been conducted on all of the presented substrates. In this work layers were successfully attached to a substrate and characterized, exhibiting long term chemical stability as well as good homogeneity and roughness making them adequate for future applications in microacoustic sensors. The cytotoxicity test yielded negative results, indicating that toxins are not liberated to the medium, thereby contaminating the sample. These types of sensors find their application in the quantification of samples and analysis of their chemical properties.

Keywords  Sensitive layers - microacoustic sensors - gallium nitride - photochemistry